World Book Day – Book Fair!

IMG_20170423_210345Yesterday was World Book Day and I was lucky enough to celebrate it the best way possible, by attending a Book Fair!
Said Book Fair, called “Tempo di Libri”, took place in Milan. I spent the whole day with a dear friend, strolling the fair’s area, stopping by the booths, taking my time breathe in the atmosphere.

I also attended two events: the first one was a conference in which it was discussed how books’ covers are created. From the concept, the first drafts, the ideas, the final product. It was so interesting learning that graphic designers don’t actually read the book they have to create the cover for. The just read a short synopsis, they talk with the book’s author. Why? Because they have to put themselves from the point of view of a future, possible, reader. When we walk into a bookstore and look at the covers, we haven’t read the books. What attracts us is, indeed, is the cover, a lot of times. We are attracted by it and we open the book. That’s precisely why a graphic designer won’t read the book for which they are creating the cover for.
The second event was a lecture on Jane Austen, on the occasion of the bicentenary of her death. The Spanish writer Clara Sánchez read a beautiful paper on Jane Austen, very passionate and moving.

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate a day that means so much to me. As a beautiful writing I saw at the fair says:

“Books are everything. Books are life.”

Here some photos I took at the fair:


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