“Who had invented the light bulb?”
Take three men with uncommon minds. Three geniuses: Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse. Take a young lawyer named Paul Cravath. Put him in the New York of 1888. Give him the hard task to figure that out.
“The Last Days of Night” by Graham Moore is a novel based on true events. All the characters portrayed really existed, almost all the events described really did occur.
This is by far one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.
A novel based on true occurrences, with personages who really existed and who made history, yet it looks like a story only a very gifted novelist could have imagined, given the amazing facts that happened.
You will be completely absorbed by this story, you will root for Paul and Tesla, and you will hate and then be surprised by Edison.

“Refraction, he called it. The way the light is broken up into component colors when it passes through a prism. I felt like a refraction of a person. So many different shades that layer to create the illusion of a solid thing. I was only what was reflected back in others.”

“Who had invented the light bulb?”.
You will be surprised…


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