Paula Hawkins – Into The Water – Thoughts

I always try not to have too high expectations after reading another book by an author I enjoyed reading the first time.
It is, I think, useless to compare The Girl On The Train with Into The Water, as they are completely different stories, completely different atmospheres.
I enjoyed reading Into The Water, but I wasn’t fascinated by the story as it happened with The Girl On The Train. I have several issues with it.
The first one being the massive presence of characters. There are just too many. Sometimes, it’s a bit confusing, remembering that A is the wife of B, who’s a friend of C, who is connected with D, who’s the mother of E. Moreover, none of these characters is fully explored. We just get a glimpse into their life, but not enough, in my opinion. I think it would have been nice to get a deeper focus on Jules and her relationship with her sister. There were traces of it, but merely hints, not enough to really care about the sisters. Same problem with the other characters, you can’t really care about them, because you’re not given material enough to actually care.
There’s not a pivotal moment of revelation, and the end felt quite toned-down, it didn’t leave me satisfied.


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