Simone Tempia – In viaggio con Lloyd: Un’avventura in compagnia di un maggiordomo immaginario – Riflessioni

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In Viaggio con Lloyd é un piccolo meraviglioso gioiello. Si legge tutto d’un fiato, e lascia un segno profondo nel cuore.
Il nostro eroe, Sir, si mette in viaggio per raggiungere il Destino, supportato costantemente dal suo maggiordomo ed amico Llyod, il quale è un po’ come un grillo parlante, sempre a disposizione con un buon consiglio, sempre pronto a dire la verità al suo Sir.
La destinazione di questo viaggio lascia il lettore affascinato, sorpreso, e appagato.
Una meraviglia da conservare e rileggere.

“Lyoyd, senti che pace…”
“Oggi il mare della sua memoria
è particolarmente placido, sir”
“Ma come ci siamo finiti?”
“Spesso la mente si imbarca
nei ricordi senza preavviso, sir”
“E quelle nuvole?”
“Niente di cui preoccuparsi, sir.
È solo un po’di nostalgia”
“E se si intensifica, Lloyd?”
“Potrebbe cadere qualche goccia, sir”
“Dalle nuvole, Lloyd?”
“Dagli occhi, sir.”


Stuart Turton – The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Thoughts

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The Seventh Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is by far one of the most peculiar novels I have ever read.
The plot is also one of the most intriguing you will ever get to stumble upon.
A man is forced to solve the murder of a rich heiress in order to escape the trap he finds himself involved with. Not only he has no memory of how he got involved in the murder in the first place, he also finds out he will have to solve the crime trapped inside eight different bodies. The bodies belong to people who are all involved with the victim, somehow. If our newly found detective doesn’t solve the riddle by the end of his last host, he will lose all his memories again, and he will have to start everything all over again.
Why is he involved with such a dreadful experience? Why the murder is defined “a murder within a murder?” And who is really our hero?
As the story progresses, the reader is trapped along with our protagonist. You will never guess a few of the twists that come along the way, and this is amazing, especially when you’re reading a mystery.
This novel, though, presented some issues for me. It’s too intricate at times, and if your reading is not constant, you will have a hard time remembering everything. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.
Sometimes the plot is too intricate, and I have also found the ending somehow not adequate, comparing to everything we had to go through to get there.
It is still a challenging read, and you will be genuinely surprised by some of the plot twists.

“Anger’s solid, it has weight. You can beat your fists against it. Pity’s a fog to become lost within.” 

Lauren Graham – In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It – Thoughts


As soon as I learned that Lauren Graham had published another book, I knew I had to read it immediately and I wasn’t wrong.
In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It is a short, beautiful gem you will read and reread many times.
And while reading it I imagined her voice in my head, and it was even better.
Lauren Graham has a unique style of writing that will capture you and won’t let you go until she’s done.
This short book is encouraging, it’s true, it’s comforting, and it makes a perfect gift for that important person in your life you feel you want to give those words of encouragement.

“Once I stopped worrying so much about pleasing others, once I decided to let myself off the hook, I realized I could fly.”

“Don’t be perfect, just be done.”

“Even without any “big” accomplishments yet to your name, you are enough. Just as you are.”

John Steinbeck – East of Eden – Thoughts


East of Eden by John Steinbeck is one the most magnificent novels I have ever read. Majestic yet fluid, it flows and as a stream, it takes you on a journey you will never forget.
Years ago I read New York, by Edward Rutherfurd, and East of Eden reminded me why I loved that novel so much.
Steinbeck not only paints the picture of two families but creates characters that are so deep, so unique, so impressive.
You can’t help but feel attracted even to the more mischievous and evil of them.
My favorites are certainly Cal and Lee. But especially Lee. I feel he is what the Hamilton and Trask families have in common. A quiet yet powerful presence that it’s a glue and a force, a source of wisdom. I couldn’t also help but being attracted to Cathy, and later by her new self Kate. Such a strong, evil, yet fragile character.
Then there’s Samuel Hamilton. Who wouldn’t want a Samuel Hamilton in their lives?
I felt attracted to Cal. A young man who knows where he comes from, and he thinks his past will always define him. As we will discover Cal is more than his past, more than his parents.
A true, marvelous masterpiece, East of Eden will stay with you forever.

“A loving woman is almost indestructible”.

“You are one of the rare people who can separate your observation from your preconception. You see what is, where most people see what they expect.”

Chloe Benjamin – The Immortalists – Thoughts


What would you do if you were told the exact day you will die?
This is what happens to four siblings: Varya, Klara, Simon and Daniel Gold, who live in 1969 New York in Chloe Benjamin’s “The Immortalists”.
They are just kids, and the impact of this revelation will affect the rest of their lives.
There is a chapter dedicated to each of them. Each of them takes a very different path, and the focus of the novel is not very much about whether the prediction is true or not, rather how each sibling reacts to it.
Varya, Klara, Simon, and Daniel couldn’t be more different, yet their lives are deeply interconnected.
I’ve especially loved the first two chapters dedicated to Simon and Klara, as I feel like they are also the strongest chapters. Their stories are moving, sad, yet they feel strong and poetic even.
Benjamin did an amazing job describing each sibling and their lives, and it is certainly a story that will stay with me forever.

“Magic holds the world together. It’s dark matter, it’s the glue of reality, the putty that fills the holes between everything we know to be true. And it takes magic to reveal how inadequate reality is.”

“The cost of loneliness is high, she knows, but the cost of loss is higher.”

Michael Ende – The Neverending Story – Thoughts


This is not my first read of The Neverending Story, in fact, I’ve lost count of how many times I have read this marvelous novel.
This is the book that made me fall in love with reading many, many years ago.
When I finished it again last night, I found myself with tears in my eyes once again.
The story of a lonely kid, Bastian, who finds a book (or better the book finds him), and is set to live the most incredible adventure of his life has always fascinated me. Every single time I read this book it’s as if I’m reading it for the very first time.
It is not only a book kids can enjoy, but people of all ages. For you will find deep and important messages spread throughout the whole story.
It is truly a neverending story, it is a novel that will never cease to amaze and move me.
There is everything in it: magic, adventure, love, hope, despair, forgiveness.
I’m grateful I’ve found this story along the path of my life, if there is one book I would bring with me anywhere, this is the one.

“Falkor, the white luckdragon, was singing. High in the night sky, he flew in circles over the Lake of Tears, and let his bell-like voice ring out in a song without words, a simple, grandiose song of pure joy. The hearts of all those who heard it opened wide.”

Will Pfeifer, Rodney Buchemi – The Librarians #4 – Thoughts


The Librarians Comic Book Issue #4 is the final Issue of the series inspired by the tv series The Librarians.
Eve and her Librarians find out that Orville’s plan is already being set in motion, and the powerful magicians from an alternate timeline are attacking the world, starting from New York City.
Orville is upset about what he has done, and he helps the Librarians in their quest for a solution to this unimaginable catastrophe.
This final Issue of The Librarians Comic Books was a great ending to a beautiful series.
I can’t praise enough the quality of the drawings, the colors, the rendering, the details, and how much every single character we’re so familiar with was really depicted in the perfect way.
I definitely hope there will be more comics based on The Librarians in the future because the possibilities, the stories, the scenarios, the adventures are literally endless. And we definitely need more magic in this world!

“Dimension-hopping, time-traveling Librarians who traffic in arcane knowledge and magical artifacts? Who’s going to believe a crazy story like that?”